About us



About us
Our experience over 10 years in her field of flexible packaging for the manufacturing and service industry allow us to analyze the needs of our customers to achieve meet the most demanding expectations. Qualified in the different families of materials staff make us to respond to any challenge. Acquired technology and own development of materials. Constant training in new techniques and materials
MATMX, born from the need to meet the packaging needs of the region efficiently and effectively, in real time and knowing beforehand the needs of the factury, manufacturing and services. Since our inception we have devoted all our efforts to understand, analyze and above all meet the  requirement of our customers.
Supply packaging materials that are ancillary to the transfer, handling and protection of end products. Meet the requirements of our customers, both in features, delivery times and after sales service
Be the usual and preferred supplier of our current and future customers in order to be the choice for excellence in the region. Certifications MATMX is current with their tax obligations allowing us to operate with the following standards and certifications:
  • IMMEX program (36-2013)
  • Certification IVA and IEPS
  • ISO 9001: 2008, Currently in transition to 9001: 2015